VMRO-DPMNE Levels Criticism over Hematology Clinic Tender

VMRO-DPMNE has presented a new “scandal” in the health sector. As Spokesperson Marija Miteva said at a press-conference on Monday, the “annual practice” of the Haematology Clinic, headed by Irena Panovska-Stavridis, to grant a tender to the pharmaceutical wholesaler owned by her father, D-r Panovski, continues.

“It’s about a tender worth over three million euros,” Miteva said, presenting a document. According to Miteva, the documentation shows that the pharmaceutical wholesaler was the only bidder and the decision to choose the winner of the tender was made by the Clinic’s head. “That means, the daughter chose her father as the most favourable bidder,” the VMRO- DPMNE Spokesperson added.

In response, Panovska-Stavridis said her competences through which she could have influence in the process of public procurement where D-r Panovski could be a potential supplier had been taken away upon a request of hers.