VMRO-DPMNE presents own Draft-law on Public Prosecution

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski presented at a press conference on Friday the Draft-law on Public Prosecution his party prepared. Mickoski criticised the Draft-law on Public Prosecution which is currently in parliamentary procedure, claiming it is tailored in such way to protect the Head of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) Katica Janeva and the alleged criminal activities of the alliance in power. “According to the law we created, all prosecutors employed in SPO, one its mandate ends, should return to the prosecution institutions they were previously employed in. An investigation of the possible involvement of Janeva in the “Racketeering” case, and her possible connections to all suspects and entities related to this case. Our law also suggests al cases open by SPO after the deadline on 30 June 2017 to be taken over by the State Public Prosecution (PPO) and then distributed to PPO departments according to the nature of the cases,” Mickoski said. The PM Zoran Zaev said that the law prepared by VMRO-DPMNE will be taken into consideration. “I shall look at their law during the weekend. The reformation of PPO and SPO is very important process for us, because it secures our integration in the EU, and because of this we need to take all suggestions into consideration,” PM Zaev said.