VMRO-DPMNE’s Mickoski in Interview with Detsche Welle

In an interview with Deustche Welle, VMRО-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski once again says elections are a solution. “The active blockade in Parliament will continue and we will not pretend things are normal because the reality we live itself is not normal, he says. Regarding the Bulgaria dispute, the opposition leader points out that the ruling structure hasn’t informed VMRO-DPMNE about anything. However, in his view, that doesn’t mean that it will support every deal with the eastern neighbour. “A mature country must ask for guarantees from Bulgaria in writing over the identity, language, but also an obligation that Bulgaria will not block us on the further path of Macedonia towards the European Union. I regret, honestly regret that wisdom is missing on the Macedonian side. What should have been a Macedonian position with a demand for guarantees in writing is becoming a Bulgarian position,” Mickoski stresses, urging the Government to look after national and state interests.