Vucic: Successful Conversation with Zaev and Rama Ahead of Skopje Forum

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, talked via video link with the Prime Ministers of Macedonia and Albania, Zoran Zaev and Edi Rama, about the regional economic forum that will be held in Skopje on 29 July, correspondents report from Belgrade. “Very successful conversation with Zaev and Rama dedicated to the preparations for the regional economic forum that we are organizing together on 29 July in Skopje, “ wrote Vucic on the official Instagram profile “Serbia Future”. “A regional initiative that will connect us and improve the lives of all our citizens. Together we are building a new Balkans, economically,” added Vucic. At the last video conference between Vucic, Zaev and Rama on 29 June, the three interlocutors said that they were “aware that only by joint cooperation and acceptance of regional cooperation within various regional initiatives such as the common market, regional Schengen, green corridors or the Berlin Process can they bring the economies closer together, increase the well-being of the people and make big investments that would be impossible for each individually”.