#WeAreMacedonia and UMD to boycott Name Referendum

The Macedonian community in the US is against the name referendum, Alfa TV reports. Its members say they will boycott the referendum, adding that they will not allow the government’s bad policies to be implemented, with the diaspora being used in the government’s story about a successful referendum. #WeAreMacedonia has urged all diaspora members to register in the voter list. “The most important point is boycotting the referendum, i.e. us not exercising our right to vote, with which we will voice our revolt against the issue that’s erasing our Macedonian identity. Several activities are envisaged, with the best option being to educate all those who had or didn’t have an opportunity to read the deal, by explaining the deal’s content,” #WeAreMacedonia’s Ana Dukoska pointed out. The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), too, has announced a boycott. As it explains, no political stakeholder has the mandate to negotiate on, let alone reach deals on a change of Macedonia’s name, identity and constitution.

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