World’s Children Day Marked

A forum was held on occasion of the World Children’s Day. On this occasion, President Stevo Pendarovski asked the institutions to work on solving the problems of children and young people. “I call on competent institutions, not to allow any child to be left on the streets, outside the education system, marginalized or abused,” Pendarovski stressed. “We listen to your voice and try to build inclusive and quality learning. We invest in the youth, in science and create a strong base of society, which cares for all, and a society of growth and economic development,” Carovska stressed. UNICEF Resident Representative Patrizia Di Giovanni stressed that, energy and commitment are needed for a better future for children. “Children want a better society. I heard young people here. I think that there are no better speeches on education, living environment and improving the way of life, no than theirs,” Di Giovanni declared. According to Di Giovanni, the pandemic has played a negative role in the psyche of children and called for increased care in their normal mental development.