Xhaferi Closes Parliamentary Session for Vote of Confidence

Twenty minutes before midnight, PS Talat Xhaferi in an almost empty hall, without any MPs, in the presence of only Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the ministers, concluded that the no confidence motion against the Government did not pass. Before congratulating the government officials, he told them that from the next day they will continue to perform their tasks and responsibilities in full force. “Given that we do not have a quorum for the purpose for which this issue was raised, there can be no debate on a vote of confidence in the government. We have no choice but to state that the Government has not been given a vote of no confidence and it continues with its full composition and duties. The matter planned for this session has been exhausted and I conclude that the session is over,” Xhaferi said. After the closing of the session, not hiding the mood from the outcome of the parliamentary day, first Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi accompanied by DUI ministers and MPs said that the citizens should be calm because Euro-Atlantic Macedonia has won. The outcome was certain during the day when it became clear that MP Rexhepi would not come to the session, and the MPs from the government majority would not enter the hall to form a quorum. The opposition MPs waited until the evening, and then left. The session the day before was the first for confidence in the Government, which ended without even starting.