Xhaferi Feels no Need to Apologise over Audio

At a briefing with media, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi has said he doesn’t feel a need to apologise to the employees for the words heard in the audio. “I don’t have an explanation for that in terms of an explanation. I am the Parliament Speaker and my competence is prescribed in the Rules of Procedure of Parliament. Among the other competences is monitoring the work of the service. In addition, I should create conditions and preconditions for work of the service,” he noted on Wednesday. According to him, the curse words were directed not at the employees, but rather at the conduct they have towards the work. They, Xhaferi pointed out, submitted wrong materials for the session. The same day, VMRO-DPMNE once again said the Speaker should resign. On the other hand, SDSM repeated it wouldn’t comment anything because, according to the ruling party, all procedures in the frames of the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory and Immunity Issues should be completed.