Xhaferi Meets Bundestag Speaker Bas in Germany

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi and a delegation from North Macedonia’s legislative home, comprising parliamentary group coordinators, held a meeting in Germany with Bundestag Speaker Baerbel Bas. Regarding the multilateral cooperation in the frames of NATO, Bas welcomed the adoption of the Declaration concerning Ukraine and North Macedonia’s decision to join the sanctions against Russia, despite not being an EU member. That is a step that once again shows the country’s maturity and its clear orientation for membership, North Macedonia’s Parliament said in the press-release. In that context, as it was added, Xhaferi said he was convinced that the country would get a date to start membership negotiations with the EU in June. The Bundestag Speaker stated that she would both personally and institutionally do everything for that pledge to be realised. She used the meeting to ask concrete questions about the Skopje-Sofia dispute. Bas also accepted Xhaferi’s invitation to pay a visit to North Macedonia.