Xhaferi: No-Confidence Motion not Approximated with Rules of Procedure

According to Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, the no-confidence motion against him filed by opposition MPs is not approximated with the Rules of Procedure. On Wednesday, he returned it to them. Levica said the problem was with the abbreviation of the constitutional name, describing Xhaferi’s actions as scandalous. Dimitar Apasiev’s party considers that the Speaker’s goal is to stall the procedure that should see him explain why he was speaking in Albanian in the frames of the European Parliament. Leivca announced a criminal charge against Xhaferi over abuse of official positions. “So far, we have constantly submitted documents containing “N. Macedonia”. Now, however, that’s not good for him and we have a new practice,” Levica MP Borislav Krmov pointed out.