Xhaferi: Parlaiment Is Ready to Discuss Any Solution with Bulgaria

If it is formally proposed for the Parliament to discuss any solution with Bulgaria, the Parliament will not run away from it, especially if the solution is in favour of the citizens and the state,” Parliament Speaker Xhaferi said at a news briefing. Xhaferi clarified that in the country’s system of foreign relations and foreign policy the executive is responsible, and the Parliament did its part with the resolution on the red lines in the negotiations, but will not run away from it if a formal proposal comes for any solution with Bulgaria to pass in Parliament. Xhaferi, regarding when the “Open Balkans” agreements, which were signed on Tuesday in Tirana and should be ratified in the parliaments of all three countries, would be on the agenda of the parliamentary session, said that if international agreements are of character, they will need to be submitted to Parliament for ratification.