Xhaferi Unblocks Commission by Dismissing Zendeli

The proposal for dismissal of the MP Fadil Zendeli from BESA, which was signed by Speaker Talat Xhaferi and several MPs from SDSM, according to the opposition parties is a precedent and was submitted just before the start of the session. The ruling parties, however, insist that the changed majority be reflected in the commission, where the opposition currently has more MPs. Xhaferi assures that the procedures have been respected and Parliament has the right to dismiss members of working bodies. Zendeli is again surprised by the move of the PS, and he accused him of disrespecting the Rules of Procedure. The Elections and Appointments Commission has been stalled for a long time, after BESA joined the opposition and thus the government lost its majority. Sessions are not held at all, and it is from this parliamentary body that the election of four new constitutional judges is awaited, at the proposal of the political parties. “The government is in a hurry to fill the Constitutional Court with party cadres. This could be a test of the democratic capacities of the government, but obviously they decide to move on the path of polarization, party combinatorics and what is being done is absurd,” said MP from VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Micevski at the parliamentary session following the government’s proposal for dismissal of MP Zendeli.