Zaev: Action by Bulgarian Security Services Against Our Country Unnecessary

PM Zoran Zaev reacted to the activities taken by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev for, as Radev said, protection of the right of Bulgarian minority in Macedonia. “I call upon president Radev and the entire Bulgarian state to not fall for insinuations and false information, especially in this very delicate period for both our countries. We are NATO member-states, we are allies, and we really do not need to involve security services to determine the rights of the citizens. Official Sofia may notify us if they are informed of alleged cases of disrespect of rights of Bulgarians in North Macedonia, but it is not up to them, or to any other country, to interfere in the internal affairs of North Macedonia,” Zaev said. President Stevo Pendarovski also reacted to Radev’s actions, saying that such actions represent violation of the procedures of NATO and the principles of international policy for not interfering into another country’s internal affairs. “President Radev’s reactions violate the principles of international policy. So far, we have not received any official notice from Sofia about alleged cases of human rights violations against citizens of North Macedonia of Bulgarian ethnicity. For many years, we are constantly monitored by the EU concerning the policies for human rights, and so far, not a single case of this type has been registered,” writes President Pendarovski’s Office in a press release.