Zaev and Mickoski Agree to Postpone Census and Local Elections

The presidents of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE Zoran Zaev and Hristijan Mickoski ended Monday’s meeting with agreeing to postponement of the census and local elections. At the leadership meeting it was agreed instead of in April, the census to be held in September, and in the meantime, the application for self-enumeration remains active, Mickoski explained. Zaev stressed that this opens the possibility for the diaspora to be able to register until 30 September and sent a message to everyone in the diaspora to use this opportunity. “I am sending a message to the citizens at home, this is an important statistical operation. We now have the largest opposition party here. I believe that the Albanian opposition parties will agree with that, I am sending a message to Levica as well, to all citizens to register,” said Zaev. Due to the postponement of the census, it has been agreed to postpone the local elections for October. The campaign for the local elections will start after 30 September, with the aim of holding the first round in the second half of October and the second in November. Mickoski added that if necessary, such leadership meetings will be held in the future.