Zaev and Tsipras Receive Westphalia International Peace Prize

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and SYRIZA leader and former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras received the Westphalian International Peace Prize for the Prespa Agreement at a ceremony in Munster, Germany. “Brave decisions bring peace and build eternal friendships. The greatest reward for our struggle is that we have secured a future for the young people we bring together. We are glad to receive awards, it is a great honor that the world recognizes the greatness of our feat achieved with the Prespa Agreement,” wrote Prime Minister Zaev on Facebook. At the ceremony, the award was presented to the two laureates by the President of Latvia Egils Levits, as a representative of the three Baltic countries that received this award for 2019. According to the Government, the explanation for the award states that “Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras reached a historic agreement which, as an example of a top diplomatic approach, resolved an open issue and thus, among other things, made a significant contribution to the stability of the Balkan region”.