Zaev Announces Solution to Law on Citizenship at Beginning of Next Week

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expects a solution to be found early next week for the amendments to the Law on Citizenship, proposed by the Alliance for Albanians and Alternative. He said many of the dilemmas related to the law changes have been resolved, and details need to be worked out by the Interior and Justice Ministries. “Our country with the intervention in the Law on Citizenship in 2004, in the transitional provisions, provides an opportunity with which the citizens, who are our stateless and have no other citizenship, to be able to attain it. That matter is done and I think about 5,000 citizens are in question. Now, according to the Alliance for Albanians and Alternative, there are about 1,500 stateless citizens. However, according to the records of the Registry Office, that number is 750. I believe that there can be no more than 1,500 to 2,000. In any case, we need to finish the job,” said Zaev.