Zaev: Bulgaria Is Not Fascist Country, They Are Our Friends

Bulgaria is not a fascist country, they are our friends, PM Zoran Zaev said in an interview for Bulgarian news agency BGNES. “North Macedonia and Bulgaria share mutual history, and unfortunately this has resulted in great discord between the citizens in both countries, and now we need to work to change this. Goce Delcev is recognised as great revolutionist by both Macedonians and Bulgarians, hence we should be united when it come to the cult towards his deeds. We have already replaced 20 signboards which included inscriptions of “Bulgarian fascist occupiers”. Bulgaria is not fascist; they are our friends. However, the Yugoslavian government decided to keep us and our countries apart, which is why today, we the politicians need to work on overcoming that gap between us. This is why we have the Good-neighbourliness Agreement, which is a law for us. Bulgaria was the first country to recognise the independence of our country, and thus recognising our right of self-determination. We are Macedonians, that speak Macedonian language, and there are no more doubts about this,” Zaev said.