Zaev: Census Will Not Be Postponed, VMRO-DPMNE Demanded September

Ten days before the official start of the census, Prime Minister Zaev is uncompromising that there will be no new delay in this statistical operation. He is convinced that the lack of regional enumerators after the extension of the application deadline will be filled, and regarding the current epidemiological picture in the country, he emphasized that at the leadership meeting in April he pointed to the possibility of deteriorating situation with COVID-19 in autumn, but upon request of the opposition, the census was postponed to September. The State Statistical Office for Kanal 5 also claims that the problem with the lack of enumerators is already being overcome. They say that the number of field instructors has already been filled, and after the extension of the call for district enumerators, which expires in two days, an additional 1,200 citizens have applied.