Zaev Did Not Make Statements Out of Respect for Days of Mourning

On Monday, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev broke the silence and answered questions related to the accident in Tetovo where 14 people passed away. He said that he respected the days of mourning, so he refrained from making statements. He said that the investigation will show the correctness of the facility where the patients were accommodated, and that he will wait for the results of the report, for which German experts are coming to the country to assist. Zaev also stated that he does not believe that the entire Government should resign due to the accident in Tetovo, and the offered resignations of Minister Venko Filipce, his Deputy Ilir Hasani, the director and economic director of the Tetovo hospital, Florin Besimi and Artan Etemi, will be looked at, once the investigation is complete. He pointed out that there is no information on the status of the investigation. “First, tragedies happen all over the world. And as I said, in the statement to the public, I understand the high moral act by the Minister, the Deputy Minister, the Director and the Economic Director of the hospital, as an act that is primarily for humane reasons, an act that is primarily ethical, of moral aspect and for that reason they submitted their resignation. I do not think that the entire government should resign because of this,” said Zaev.