Zaev, Dimitrov React to Controversial Picture Published by Karakachanov

PM Zoran Zaev and Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov reacted to the latest provocation of Bulgarian Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov towards Macedonia. Karakachanov published on social network on Monday a picture with a greeting for International Women’s Day which depicted a map of Bulgaria that includes the entire territory of Macedonia and parts of territories of Greece and Turkey, better known as the territory of Bulgaria in accordance to the San Stefano Treaty. PM Zaev qualified Karakachanov’s publication of the picture as “pre-electoral folklore.” “The Good-neighbourliness Agreement clearly states that our countries have no territorial pretentions towards each other. Any additional reaction on our behalf would be interference in the electoral processes in Bulgaria,” Zaev said. “The greater the reaction, the great the effect there, which may be the ultimate intention behind this picture. We all need to be very careful with what we say or what we publish, and we must avoid claims for territorial pretentions towards other countries,” Dimitrov said.