Zaev: Enlargement can be done parallel with Internal Reforms in EU

The PM Zoran Zaev attended on Friday a business breakfast at the Summit of West Balkans Heads of States in Poznan, Poland. During the breakfast, Zaev referred the topic of the integration of Macedonia in the EU, saying that the processes for implementation of reforms within the EU can be executed parallel with the membership negotiations between the EU and Macedonia. “I really hope and expect that the process for membership negotiations between EU and North Macedonia will start this October with the determination of a starting date for the negotiations on behalf of the EU. A positive decision would solidify the credibility of EU among the West Balkans and encourage the rest of the states with status of candidates for EU membership to work harder on the implementation of the necessary reforms. We understand and support the debate for reforms within the EU too, but I am sure that that process can develop parallel with the enlargement process,” Zaev said. At the sidelines of the Summit in Poznan, PM Zaev met the Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki, from which, along with Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov they are to take over the presidency over the Berlin Process from Poland. Macedonia and Bulgaria will co-president the process in the upcoming 12 months.