Zaev: Ethnic Graph in IDs not in Accordance with European Practices

According to PM Zoran Zaev, the introduction of a graph for the ethnicity of the citizens in their IDs does not follow the European practices. “SDSM believes that it would be okay for the ethnicity graph to be included in the IDs, but we also need to respect the European practices, which do not encourage this. I shall discuss this matter once again at my meeting with representatives of BESA, the party which filed to the Parliament the initiative for introduction of ethnicity graph, in order to find the best solution for this,” PM Zaev said. From BESA they stated that they will not give up on the initiative for ethnicity graph in the IDs. “When our country starts the processes for full accession in the EU, if the ethnicity graph in IDs is an obstacle, then we can discuss about it. But now, when we are yet to start those processes, we see no reason for us to give up on this initiative,” BESA Secretary General Arjanit Hoxha said.