Zaev: EU Has Moral Obligation to North Macedonia

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, participated in the European Forum Alpbach, which this year is dedicated to three topics: “Securing the future of Europe”, “Financing the future of Europe” and “Climate change”. Through an internet video conference, Prime Minister Zaev participated in the panel “Perspectives of North Macedonia” together with the EU Special Representative for the Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and the Western Balkans, where he stated that the EU membership of the country is perspective without alternative despite the disappointment with the blocking of the European integration process by Bulgaria. “We are fully committed to this process because we are guided by European values, which are also our values ​​and which with all the policies we implement achieve Europeanization and that is our strongest motivation. The goal of the Republic of North Macedonia is not membership for the sake of membership, but for the sake of achieving the standards and the implementation of those standards in all spheres of our society,” said Prime Minister Zaev.