Zaev for Euronews: We Shall Not Negotiate over Our Identity and Language

Our identity and language are sacred for us and we cannot and should not negotiate about them, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview for Euronews. “Our identity, Macedonian language, Macedonian identity, are holy for us, like for every other country. Our Macedonian language and Macedonian identity are not negotiable. The Prespa agreement, which Greece and North Macedonia reached in 2018 to resolve a dispute over the latter’s name and facilitate the accession talks, is an example of his country’s willingness to engage in diplomacy. However, we have our pride and we have our identity. Our pride can go up and down. We showed that through the Prespa agreement and with our diplomacy and flexibility. We have achieved a lot and now we deserve to hold the first intern-governmental conference with Brussels. We expect the EU as a whole, all 27 member countries, the European Commission, to be in the line to what they promised to us. We are open to discuss any issue that is negotiable for everyone. But issues like identities, like languages, are never talked in any step of enlargement of the European Union with any other country,” Zaev said.