Zaev: I did not talk to Janeva before her Phone was Confiscated

The PM Zoran Zaev said during a press conference in the government on Thursday that he did not talk to Head of Special Public Prosecution (SPO) Katica Janeva moments before her mobile telephone was confiscated by the Public Prosecution for Organised Crime. “I have not talked to Katica Janeva. You can read everything. I believe citizens can judge by themselves, you can ask the right people, you can ask diplomats and former diplomats as you have asked me, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office has said there was no search in her home, only her phone was confiscated in order to see her relationship with Bojan Jovanovski or to determine if she had been misused,” Zaev said. Commenting on the “Racketeering” case, in which 1TV owner Bojan Jovanovski was arrested and there are indications of possible involvement of Janeva, the PM revealed that several businesspeople have addressed him complaining that they are a target of blackmail or extortion, adding that he reported these cases to the authorities. “All citizens of North Macedonia are equal before the laws and will take responsibility for their illegal actions,” Zaev underlined.