Zaev: I took over Finance Ministry to control Ultimate Financial Measures

The PM Zoran Zaev, in an interview for Sitel TV, commented on the cabinet reshuffle he announced during the presidential election, after he revealed the official list of ministers to be replaced on Sunday. “I see that must of the reactions from the public come about me taking over the position of Minister of Finance, despite keeping the PM position. My takeover of the position is not because I am dissatisfied with the working of Dragan Tevdovski. I only want to have control over the final stages of the implementation of the final activities and reforms in the field of economy. I can assure you that we intend to introduce more benefits for the citizens, as well as increasing of salaries and pensions. When it comes to the resignation of Deputy Education Minister Petar Atanasov, I can say that I am really sorry he decided to take this step, which may be because he wanted to take the position of Minister of Education. Circumstances are such and one cannot become a minister whenever they want. The entire period of changes will conclude around the beginning of July, when over 200 directors and heads of institutions will be replaced, because we have to respect the opinion of the citizens. With all these changes and improvement, and initiatives we took from before, I hope we will get the starting date till October,” Zaev said.