Zaev: I will not Resign if Opposition Keeps Blocking Laws in Parliament

PM Zoran Zaev announced on Wednesday that if the Parliament of Macedonia does not adopt the fundamental laws for the best interest of the citizens, he will not withdraw from the position of PM on 3 January 2020. According to the Przino Agreement for snap parliamentary election, the PM incumbent is to resign from his position 100 days before the snap election takes place. “We reached an agreement to hold the election on 12 April 2020. However, if the opposition keeps on blocking the adoption of laws and resolutions for increase of pensions and salaries and realisation of project of fundamental importance for the citizens, I am afraid I must insist on delay of the election so that the laws are properly adopted,” Zaev said. In meantime, a meeting of the party leaders of SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, Zoran Zaev, Hristijan Mickoski and Ali Ahmeti respectively has been scheduled for Saturday in the government. The party leaders are expected to discuss the formation of the technical government which is to conduct the snap election in April 2020.