Zaev: Law on Use of Languages Remains Regardless of Census

The law on the use of languages, the rights of Albanians and the smaller communities remain absolutely the same and it does not change depending on the total number of enumerated citizens, depending on residents or non-residents and we all understand that,” said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at the press-conference at the Government, answering a journalist question which data arising from the census will be used as a basis for creating state economic and social policies, specifically when it comes to equitable ethnic representation and the use of languages. Zaev stressed that the census will not lead to retrograde processes. Alliance for Albanians responded to PM Zaev’s statement, saying that Zaev has long lost touch with reality and that his statements not only cannot be considered true, but according to AA, they represent concerning alarm of the secret plans by the SDSM-DUI government. AA continue to say that the rights of Albanians in the country do depend on the numbers, according to the Constitution, and that Zaev is not a legal factor.