Zaev: Maximum efforts Being invested to Vote through Amendments’ finality

“We’re investing maximum efforts to vote through the finality of the constitutional amendments by the middle of January,” PM Zoran Zaev said on Friday. According to him, there’s nothing scary when it comes to the draft amendments. “The Macedonian identity and language are guaranteed,” the PM added. Zaev considers that Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos should give the name deal a chance. “The benefits of its implementation will be seen after several months,” he underlined. The independent parliamentary group will vote in favour of the laws that require a two-thirds majority. Regarding the amnesty law proposed by the Inter-party Parliamentary Group for Integration, Reconciliation and Reforms, Zaev stated that it was in accordance with the international community’s recommendations. “There’s no interference in the judiciary,” he emphasised. According to the PM, even if the constitutional changes are supported by 120 MPs and there is interference in the judiciary, there will be EU member-states that will use that as an argument and the start of the negotiations with Macedonia will be compromised. VMRO-DPMNE reiterated its stand that there is no support for selective justice.  Zaev also said he was ready for a televised debate with Hristijan Mickoski, provided that the opposition party’s leader voiced a stand on the EU and NATO by supporting the name deal. In response, VMRO-DPMNE urged Zaev to choose where the debate should take place. “Zaev shouldn’t hide behind shallow statements and demands,” the party underlined.