Zaev: One Cannot put Ethnic Label to Fascism or Occupation

One cannot put an ethnic label on fascism, it was present all over Europe in the 2nd World War, PM Zoran Zaev said one day after his interview for Bulgarian news agency BGNES which provoked numerous negative reactions. “It is not fair for the entire nation to suffer consequences because of evil deeds of isolated groups or individuals. True, Europe faced occupation by fascists, but we cannot label that occupation as Bulgarian, or Serbian or whatever, hence I do not think it is right for anyone to call present-day states occupiers only because specific acts of certain people in the past. Such behaviour is not European, is not act of friendship. I understand the reactions from the public, but I also know that the past should not be a limit for us to lead the state towards prosperity,” Zaev said. Bulgarian Deputy PM and Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov said that Zaev’s interview for BGNES is a small step towards Macedonia finally accepting history the way it is, but added that he will believe his words only if they are transformed in some kind of a document.