Zaev Optimistic on PPO Law Consensus

PM Zoran Zaev, at the Government press-conference stated that he is optimistic and that he expects the PPO Law to be consensually adopted by September 15. Zaev stated that justice and the SPO cases have to be secured and that he has never mentioned plan “B” as a threat, but only as means to achieve that goal. “It is honest, as we adopted many reforms with consensus, especially in the judiciary, security, public administration, mediums, the fight against corruption, to adopt this legal regulation as well. If we send the message once more, that the politicians have influence over justice, then justice and the cases have not been secured which is of use to nobody, not to us, not to the opposition,” stated Zaev. Naum Stoilkovski, VMRO-DPMNE’s Spokesperson accuses PM Zoran Zaev of being prepared to sacrifice EU accession date in order to save crime, by not allowing to draft quality PPO Law, nor clearing high corruption in which administration and legislation are entwined. He further accuses Zaev of turning the legal system into market for trading right and justice, and points to that as the reason why he pushes for then amnesty law, law that rewards political prosecution.