Zaev Participates in SDSM Tribune in Skopje

On Friday, PM and SDSM President Zoran Zaev participated in the tribune “The Best for Our Municipality”, held in Skopje. “At the tribunes from this caravan, we will present our work so far, but we also intend to hear your voice, too,” he stated, adding that what citizens thought was best for their municipalities would become part of the party’s programme for the local elections and later on carried out. When it comes to the integration path, Zaev stated that the country had done everything and met all criteria, adding that it was the EU’s time to deliver. “We’re ready for bilateral dialogue and a reasonable and mutually acceptable deal in the frames of the Treaty with Bulgaria. Certainly, the issues of the Macedonian language identity are not and cannot be on any table,” he noted. In addition, the PM levelled fierce accusations at VMRO-DPMNE.