Zaev: Politicians should not boast with Numbers of Voters

The PM Zoran Zaev said that politicians should not boast around about whether and how many votes they have secured for the 2019 presidential election. “Let us not boast. The voters, the citizens, are no one’s private possession so they can be at their disposal whenever necessary. You see in some previous election our support dropped to around 323,000 votes, but now we managed to win over 430,000. The citizens know what they are doing, even when we politicians think that they do not. They have all made their contribution and it should be appreciated. The victory of Stevo Pendarovski is a victory of the entire nation, of all ethnic communities living in North Macedonia. The citizens decided to see this country move forward towards integration in NATO and EU and realisation of prosperity, and I thank all political parties and all citizens who recognised this concept and supported it by voting for Pendarovski,” Zaev said. Asked about the cabinet reshuffle he announced for after the presidential election, the PM said that there will be changes in ministries, public enterprises, but inside SDSM as well.