Zaev Promises Positive Campaign

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday, the first day of the campaign for the upcoming local elections, promised that as a party and coalition they will run a positive campaign that will focus on what has been done so far, but also on future plans to support local governments and a larger local economic development. “These elections are elections of a person, programs, projects, ideas, and in such circumstances it is the duty of all to lead a positive campaign. Our country is celebrating 30 years of independence this year and we can all prove how mature we are and how socially responsible we all are with each year and each subsequent election. Here I am thinking primarily of us politicians, but, of course, of the candidates who present themselves with their election programs,” said Zaev. SDSM and the coalition, he added, will lead an extremely positive campaign. “This is because we have a lot to be proud of in these four years, for all projects that are implemented 550 million euros are direct support from the Government for local self-government. The time ahead gives us all the reasons to believe that it will be even better, that there will really be many more projects and that life at the local level will be even more tempting, especially for young people to stay here,” said Zaev. He added that a lot has been done so far in the field of infrastructure, but, as he said, there are still many challenges ahead.