Zaev Returns as Part of SDSM Strategic Team Working on EU Integration

On social media, PM and SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski has announced that his predecessor, Zoran Zaev, has returned to the party.

However, as Kovacevski explained, Zaev has returned as part of the strategic team that will work on the country joining the EU. “Today’s coordination meeting of the strategic team is in this direction – for us to do everything, enable full state and national consensus for achievement of the orientation of the huge majority of citizens, that is, becoming a full-fledged member by 2030,” Kovacevski said in Thursday’s post on his official Facebook page.

Zaev said the country’s prosperity and future had to be provided. However, he didn’t reveal details in terms of whether he was coming back to the party. The newly-formed strategic team consists of Kovacevski, Zaev, SDSM Secretary-General Mile Zecevic, former MP Igor Ivanovski, SDSM Organisational Secretary Mitko Trajculeski, and Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.