Zaev: SDSM Executive Board, Vice Presidents and Secretaries dismissed

SDSM’s whole Executive Board, all six Vice Presidents of the party, the Organisational Secretary, the Sec Gen, the Women’s Forum Coordinator and the International Secretary were dismissed during the session of the ruling party’s Central Board on Sunday. This was announced by PM and party leader Zoran Zaev after the end of the session. He thanked everyone for their terms. As the SDSM leader added, Ljupco Nikolovski will become the new Sec Gen and will no longer serve as Agriculture Minister. According to the decision, the dismissed persons are: Sec Gen Aleksandar Kiracovski, Organisational Secretary Mile Zecevic, International Secretary Dane Talevski, Women’s Forum Coordinator Cvetanka Laskova and Vice Presidents Frosina Tasevska Remenski, Oliver Spasovski, Petre Silegov, Blagoj Bocvarski, Damjan Mancevski and Muhamed Zekiri. The SDSM leader also said that more than three ministers would be replaced. That means there would be a reshuffle. He revealed neither the exact number nor the names, and only said that new party management will be elected either on 9 or on 16 June.