Zaev: Serving Macedonia and NATO is Great Honour for every Soldier

An event marking the inauguration of 125 professional soldiers in the Macedonian Army (ARM) was officially held on Wednesday.  The event was attended by PM Zoran Zaev and Vice-PM and Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska. “To be a soldier in a NATO member country means that they will work in improved conditions according to the standards of NATO allies. As soldiers, you should be proud of being the first generation to serve its country as a NATO member. Our membership into the Alliance will open greater opportunities for you. ARM has been participating in peace missions for years side by side with other armies of NATO members, for which it has been highly graded. Participation in these mission helped ARM boost its capacities,” PM Zaev said noting that Macedonia would be sitting at the same table with some of the world’s greatest powers. According to DM Sekerinska, the NATO invitation means the start of an era of stability and security in our country

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