Zaev: Successful Action of Institutions Resulted with Apprehending of Mijalkov

PM Zoran Zaev held a press conference on Tuesday evening in relation to the case of the alleged escape of former UBK Head and defendant in Target-Fortress case Saso Mijalkov. “In the past 40 hours, we conducted action and took all necessary measures. Mijalkov had no other choice and had to turn himself in. This is a very significant success to which main contribution was made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Criminal Court. We must not forget that initially, Mijalkov did attempt escape, but he realised he had no other choice but to surrender himself to justice, and the rest is to be investigated by the institutions. I, Zoran Zaev, can promise you all that there never was and never will be compromises for justice. Whoever broke the law, shall face responsibility. I also would like to remind that assisting the escape of a suspect or convict is also a criminal act. There will not be and should not be any compromises,” PM Zaev said. VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski also held a press conference, at which he accused the government and PM Zaev of having criminal gang with Mijalkov. “Today’s circus with Mijalkov’s alleged escape and his re-emergence clearly shows that there is a criminal agreement between him and the government. It is obvious that the criminal triangle Zoran Zaev-Vice Zaev-Saso Mijalkov is very much real and functioning. Another suspicious detail is the fact that in the very moment when Mijalkov went to the Prosecutor’s Office to acquire the house arrest resolution, a journalist of a pro-governmental medium was already there, as if waiting for him for taking statements. Thanks to the massive public attention and reaction, and also thanks to the corrupt and unfunctional system, Mijalkov’s escape which was initially allowed by the government was ultimately prevented. This is the greatest proof that Macedonia is still ruled by a hybrid regime, and that now is the time for us to unite and topple this corrupt and criminal government. There will be justice when both Zaev and Mijalkov are finally put in jail, where they belong,” Mickoski said.