Zaev: We Are United in a Large Multi-ethnic Winning Coalition

The largest pre-election coalition so far, “We Can” recognizes the importance of the state continuing down the right track, and it will make certain that it keeps doing so. “There is no turning back. With such offer and program, complemented by quality personalized solutions, it is clear to everyone that we are the winners of 12 April. After the victory we continue down the right road because we can do even more, we can do even better,” stated SDSM President Zoran Zaev after signing an agreement for joint participation in the early Parliamentary Elections on 12 April with the leaders of the parties from the “We Can” coalition led by SDSM. We are all focused on realizing these issues, we have joined NATO, he added, and we can join the EU. In response to a journalist’s question, he said that he saw no opportunity to postpone the elections and that postponing it would not be good. “Maybe the corona virus will put us in a position to use a different kind of campaign. Electronic media and internet capabilities are at our disposal,” Zaev pointed out.