Zaev: We can find Solution for Draft-law on Public Prosecution

The PM Zoran Zaev said during a press conference in the government that positions of the government and the oppositions concerning the new Draft-law on Public Prosecution. “We have accepted and incorporated some of the recommendations of the opposition in the draft law that was submitted on Tuesday to the Parliament. We decided to suggest merging of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) to the Basic Public Prosecution (PPO), so that all political parties’ arguments are somehow incorporated in the law. True, I recommended Vilma Ruskovska for the new head of SPO, but I did not and cannot appoint her on that position. Only the Council of Public Prosecutors can appoint heads of PPO and its departments, and according to the new law, SPO would become a PPO’s department in future. We are doing this to proceed with the struggle against organised crime in our country, and we shall not stop here. Hence, I call upon the judicial institutions of North Macedonia to resolve the “Racketeering” case as soon as possible,” Zaev said.