Zaev: We will conduct “Clean up” in Judiciary

The PM Zoran Zaev believes that the Constitutional Court of Macedonia should act in accordance with the decision of the Legislative Parliamentary Committee when processing the initiative over the Article 11-a from the Law on Pardoning. “The legal expertise conducted recently clearly shows that, back when former President Gjorge Ivanov provided abolition to the 56 suspects and defendants in the cases processed by the Special Public Prosecution (SPO), Article 11 from the Law on Pardoning was long annulled and inexistent, which is only one more proof that the abolition he provided was not legal. This should motivate all of us to fight against crime and corruption, and that anyone who has committed a crime must face responsibility before the organs of justice,” Zaev commented. Answering a journalist’s question concerning the current situations with the Macedonian judiciary, PM Zaev said that the government intends to conduct not vetting, but a “clean up” in the judiciary. “We have institutions like the Judicial Council, the Council of Public Prosecutors, the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, the Public Revenue Office and many others that can conduct controls over state officials and take action if they register illegal activities. I myself am target of examination by the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption in this very moment, and judges and public prosecutors should undergo the same controls too. I once again call upon the European Commission to assist this process and conduct monitoring,” Zaev said. Speaking about the Law on Languages, Zaev said that the government prepared the response to the Venice Commission concerning their recommendations, and that Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani is to present it to the Commission. “My office, the Secretariat for European Affairs and the Ministry of Justice cooperated in the preparation of our response. We are ready to implement all recommendations of the Venice Commission, especially in segments where it claims that this law may turn out counter-productive,” Zaev underlined during his visit of the “Joakim Krcovski” primary school in Volkovo, Skopje. The PM said he is certain that his party will win the snap election scheduled for 12 April 2020, and that despite this, the government remains dedicated to all processes for improvement of the life standard of all citizens.