Zaev’s Meeting with Government Coalition Parties Ends

The meeting of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with the parties from the government coalition ended, at which he informed them about the agreement for Alternative to enter the Government. After the meeting, Tito Petkovski, President of NSDP, in a statement to the media said that they discussed what they should do as a coalition to prevent the country from rushing into early parliamentary elections. “I think that North Macedonia does not need early parliamentary elections at this time. I think it is good that the parliamentary majority is increasing for four more MPs. There remains one from BESA and four from Alternative, which I consider to be a decent parliamentary majority,” Petkovski said. According to him, Alternative used the moment when the Government needed help for the sake of European integration to come up with “maximum” demands. He added that as a party they do not demand anything and that the most important thing is to increase the parliamentary majority and the Government to have reliable support. Miroslav Jovanovic of the Serbian Party said the talks would last another week.