About us
For eight years we used to be a NATO Press Centre in Skopje. And, among other tasks, we were producing media summaries from Macedonia for all NATO institutions, as well as for most of the embassies covering the country, from Skopje or from somewhere else.

From 1999 till 2007 we really had a lot to cover. And we managed that with success. Our Skopje Diem, the main media summary, is quoted by many serious institutions, in many a relevant research, by many world media. Check the web!

In 2007 NATO decided to downsize its Headquarters in Skopje, and we decided to continue the good work. We contacted our readers, and they were all happy with the idea.

So, since 9 February 2007, we are Promovens – professional, moving spirit, that sees everything, hears everything, and informs about everything happening in Macedonia.


At the moment,

our team consists of eleven people.Its core is the journalists and the translators, who are among the best in the country. Our analysts, technical expert and the general manager also contribute very much to the success of the team, and to the satisfaction of our customers. So does our huge database as well!


We are now not only read by embassies and international organisations but also by many companies and research fellows from many universities. You are welcome to join us!