Places in Macedonia
Thursday, 13 November 2008 10:02

We are gathering here all the links with cities, towns, and other interesting places you might visit in Macedonia. The idea is to have a colection of all "geographical" web pages in the country. The proces is ongoing, and the order of the sites is still random...

 Opstina Novaci -

Opstina Negotino -


  Opstina Gostivar

 Opstina Aerodrom,

 Dojran -


Kratovo - 


Polaki -


Resen -


Ohrid - 


 Ostrov Golem Grad (Big Town island) -


 Velgosti -


 Demir Hisar - ;  




Prilep -


 Novo Selo -


 Gevgelija -


Rankovce -


Kumanovo -


Other interesting Macedonia related sites