Macedonian humor

And, how to turn a police officer upside-down :-)

Macedonian humor
Monday, 07 May 2012 15:49

Today we are starting the "What are Macedonians laughing about" section, in cooperation with . It will be a new part of our web page. Waiting on your comments!


Windows for money))))))))))

Inter esting)))

Serbian example :-)

We aren't the only funny ones on the Balkans! A Bulgarian example :-)

Not only a Mercedes is a status symbol :-)

Joke of the day: 

Wife comes out of a beauty salon. Her husband meets her :
“It is OK, at least you tried…”

Schwartzi in Ohrid! "I''ll be back!" (in Cyrillic - ALBI BEK) ))))))))

It's your choice ))))

In Macedonian, the brandy is old, matured. In English -it is still studying )))

The administration is great! 

"If for salje, callme on 071... " )))))))

And, how to turn a police officer upside-down :-)

Mercedes is a status symbol!

Hope - he doesn't ...

...plan to leave today...


This vehicle Macedonians refer to as a "Spider".
The particular one needs a tarantula ))))

"You have earned an immunity"