Road Conditions, 10.01.2019

Poor driving conditions are reported throughout the country on wet roads, with patches of muddy snow.

Heavy road vehicles bans are in effect on the Mavrovo-Debar, Gostivar-Kicevo, the mountain pass Straza, Kicevo-Ohrid, the mountain passes Preseka, Gjavato and Bukovo, the border crossing Kjafasan, Prilep-Makedonski Brod, the border crossing “Barbaros”, as well as the roadway Tetovo-Popova Shapka, where the ban includes buses as well, while all the other vehicles are required to have chains.

There is snowing with different intensity throughout the country.

Due to the low temperature, some roads may be iced over.

Certain roadways passing through valleys and canyons can be susceptible to light rockslides, such as Kocani – Makedonska Kamenica – Delcevo, Vinica – Berovo, Gostivar – Straza, Mavrovo – Debar – Struga, Demir Kapija – Udovo, Katlanovo – Veles, Krusevo – Demir Hisar, and Resen – Bukovo.

Motorists are advised to drive carefully, adjust their speed to weather conditions and follow traffic rules, signs and signals.