Road Conditions 25.05.2023

Mostly dry road conditions are reported across the country with moderate traffic outside urban areas and no delays at border crossings.

Fog reduces visibility from 50 to 100 meters on Skopje – Veles and Veles – Skopje route and from 100 to 150 meters on Gradsko – Negotino route.

As of Nov. 15, 2022, winter equipment in vehicles is mandatory until Mar. 15, 2023, regardless of the weather.

As of Nov. 3, 2022, traffic is diverted from part of the A4 between Blace and Skopje for road work.

As of Nov. 1, 2022, the Ohrid – Resen route through the Galichica National Park is closed to all traffic.

The R1102 regional road section between Veles and Gradsko will be under construction and closed to traffic through June 2023.

Landslides are possible along the routes of Katlanovo – Veles, Mavrovo – Debar – Struga, Vinica – Berovo and Kochani – Delchevo. Motorists are advised to drive carefully, adjust their speed to weather conditions and follow traffic rules, signs and signals.