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Customs Administration employees That visited Gruevski transferred

The two Customs Administration employees that visited former PM Nikola Gruevski in Budapest have been transferred to different positions. That was confirmed also by the Administration’s Director, Gjoko Tanasoski. Aleksandar Trajkovski from the Control Sector has been appointed to a same level of work, which, according to Tanasoski, has been made in the interest of both the internal investigation by ...

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Tanasoski: Gruevski was Visited by Another Customs Administration employee

Aleksandar Trajkovski isn’t the only Customs Administration employee that has visited former PM Nikola Gruevski in Budapest, the institution’s Director, Gjoko Tanasoski, confirmed on Tuesday. The man who had lunch with the former PM in a restaurant in the Hungarian capital works at the Administration’s Department for Customs Control and Investigations. He used the annual holiday to go to Hungary. ...

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Trajkovski talks About meeting With Gruevski in Budapest

Nikola Gruevski’s medical condition is great, Aleksandar Trajkovski, who was spotted on the photo with the former PM in Budapest, said on Monday. “He’s worried and doesn’t go out often,” he added. Asked by Fatime Fetai of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) why he’d gone to the Hungarian capital for the sinuses problem considering the weather there, too, was cold, ...

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