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Draft-amendments for Constitutional Changes Delivered to Parliament

The draft-amendments for changes to the Constitution of Macedonia in accordance with the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece were officially delivered to the Parliament of Macedonia on Monday. The amendments include the notices from the independent MP group of VMRO-DPMNE of 8 MPs that previously supported the necessity of these amendments. The Amendment XXXIII will replace the words “(Republic ...

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Bosnjakovski: ASNOM to Remain in Constitution’s Preamble

ASNOM will remain in the Preamble of the Constitution and will be mentioned twice instead of once. “ASNOM’s Proclamation remains with all made decisions,” Government spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski said at a press-conference on Wednesday, describing information on social media about the issue as false. Regarding Amendment 35, changes that will be made to Article 3 are a guarantee that Macedonia’s ...

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President Ivanov Opens Conference on Samuel State

President Gjorge Ivanov opened Thursday a conference organized by the National Committee on Byzantine and Medieval Studies titled “The Samuel State – 1,000 Years later”, making a parallel between the circumstances that had led to the collapse of the Samuel empire and the current developments in Macedonia.  “A millennium ago, the Samuel state had faced similar challenges as the contemporary ...

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