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Session for constitutional Changes postponed for Friday

The session for the constitutional changes was postponed for Friday. A deal between the government and Bilall Kasami’s BESA on the nationality issue wasn’t reached. BESA isn’t giving up on its demand for removal of the word “Macedonians” for those that aren’t ethnic Macedonians. Though PM Zoran Zaev said “Macedonian/ citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia” had to remain, ...

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BESA and Alliance for Albanians announce Constitutional amendments

The ruling majority is convinced that the constitutional amendments will receive the required two-thirds support despite the amendments announced by the Albanian opposition bloc. It expects the changes to be voted through in the final stage even with over 80 votes. Bilall Kasami’s BESA will file three amendments, which concern the languages law, Preamble and diaspora. Alliance for Albanians, too, ...

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